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Metallic UFO Sighting moving at a high rate of speed & Black Helicopter PA

UFO Sighting through rear view mirror

UFO Sighting occurred on Oct.18th 2017 in Redlion PA.  My husband and myself were driving south bound around 3:pm. I was the driver. As we were traveling we were moving up a small hill and directly over the tree line a flash caught both of our eyes coming from the east to the west in an angled direction toward the ground. As I started to point up at the UFO Sighting that quick it was gone. We both saw it starting and ending at the same time. My husband states he saw it as I did and from the beginning until the end of the UFO sighting. What we saw appeared to be metallic in color UFO and was moving at a fast rate of speed. It appeared in the best way I can describe to have been traveling faster and only slowed down for seconds allowing us to see it momentarily before taking back off again. UFO Sighting had the appearance of a trail of itself as I would describe as if you were filming something like a car and it leaves an imprint of itself behind in a fuzzy image. When the UFO took off it did so fast that it just appeared to have went behind an invisible wall. A few moments after that a Black Helicopter flew in the same general direction. We pulled over immediately when were able too just to gather our thoughts about what just happened and both of us felt an uneasy feeling as if we weren't supposed to see that. I have seen meteorites come in to the atmosphere but this looked nothing like that at all. mufon cms# 87428

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