Metallic UFO seen hovering by British Police Officers

Current serving police and colleague back in 2008 tasked with driving from Leeds in Yorkshire to a police station in Glasgow, Scotland to pickup a wanted male and bring him to England. Whilst driving a large marked transit van, several miles from Glasgow close to a small town called Hamilton but still in a rural area on a74 , my colleague spotted the UFO in the sky, it was hanging in the air above the road. we were more or less under it when observed and i not seen it earlier driving down the straight road towards it. The sun was still shining but getting low in the sky giving off a red glow and it was clear and dry. The UFO was oval almost round and was spinning round, the spinning motion was catching the light making it flicker. UFO Sighting looked solid not like a crumbled aluminum bag and did not have any features like wings or engines . There were two vehicles behind us and we traveling 50 mph and regrettably did not stop to get a better look . We were amazed, it looked like solid metal and so could not work out how it was suspended in the sky. My colleague and myself still talk about it when we are together, we don't know what it was and I have tried to find pictures of weather balloons etc that could look like that but not found anything that comes close .The UFO Sighting just hung there and I lost sight as I drove underneath. It was difficult to gauge the height as there was nothing to compare it to. UFO Sighting was a least a few hundred feet above our vehicle we did mention it to our superior and colleagues the next day but were met with laughter so we never filed a report. Still baffles me to this day. MUFON CMS# 107714 7/15/08 Reported on 4/14/20 Glasgow Scotland Region has had 243 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

Silver Disk Shape UFO

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