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Massive Multi Colored UFO Sighting reported floating over Airdrie AB CA

Bonnie and I were out for a drive. About 1.5 kms north of Airdrie AB. (30 kms from Calgary). We had pulled off to side of the road to talk. Bonnie noticed 3 lights in a Triangular shape out the front window.(to the north) At first we assumed it to be a helicopter coming straight towards us. It just didn't seem right though. I said to her that looks just like the UFO Sighting Video on YouTube. Bonnie started to get a little scared and started driving north towards it looking for a place to turn around. We drove about a half kilometer to a left corner which is at the edge of a valley. As we started turning left and going downhill the UFO came into a better view out my passenger window.

I could see the entire bottom and part of the side. UFO had a diamond shape front then 2 circular shapes in middle then another diamond shaped rear. These shapes were pulsating with numerous colors. Yellow front and rear of diamond shapes turning green near center. Red on outer of circular shapes turning blue and purple near center of the UFO. The side of this UFO that I could see was very dark if not completely black and had a choppy surface similar to stealth aircrafts that I've seen. I could not see any windows or even a distinction to say front or back it was perfectly uniform in shape. It was about 7:pm and was a very warm night so I had my window open but I could not hear any sound coming from the UFO Sighting whatsoever. UFO was approximately 100 feet above us and was about 100 feet in length and 70 feet wide. From my vantage point I would say 10-15 feet in height. The UFO slowly floated south towards Airdrie.

I was so stunned by its features that I didn't even think to grab my phone to get a picture at first. When this idea came to me it had already floated behind the hill we were driving down. I asked Bonnie to turn around now and follow it so I could take pictures. By the time we had turned around and reached the top of the hill again now turning right(southward) it was already at least a mile or so in front of us. UFO Sighting again had the appearance of 3 lights in triangular form. We tried to chase it but it seemed to be going incredibly fast now and just kept getting further away. I kept my eyes on the UFO but it just kept getting further away. Then suddenly it just seemed to take off in an instant straight south. We kept driving for quite some distance towards where I last saw it but never saw anything again. I enjoy drawing and can easily draw a fairly accurate picture of it as I have for numerous friends and family since. Bonnie seems to have been quite rattled by this UFO Sighting encounter and does not like to talk about it. 

I would really like to know if anyone else has seen this or similar flying UFOs in the area. I can't say for sure that it was unearthly or an experimental military craft. With the stealthy appearance it seemed more military to me. I do not care if my identity is revealed I would just really like an answer to what it was I saw that evening. mufon cms# 87675 UFO Sighting occurred on 5/1/16 over Airdrie AB Canada

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