Mass of a solid UFO lights (30-50) traveling diagonal or V pattern from SW to SE 9/18/16 Indiana

Three of us were in our backyard having a bonfire. Our 14 year old daughter was pointing out constellations when she come upon moving UFOs. She pointed them out to myself and my husband. When I fist looked in the direction I immediately noticed the flashing airplanes but next seeing what she was pointing at. The strangest sky occurrence we've seen. A large mass of many solid UFO lights in the sky all moving together at the same speed in what appeared to be a diagonal line then a shorter diagonal like a V. 

There were to many UFO lights to count. We immediately starting to illuminate options of what it could be. There was no flame, no tail, no stream. They were not colored, they did not flash. We saw several planes in the sky that appeared (from ground) to be flying through the moving UFOs but at a different altitude. How could so many stars fall at same time? Could it be warfare? Could it be meteor showers? 

After running in the house to get the other three kids to see the event, they immediately reacted and were scared and upset while the other three of us were still in awe at the unique event we were witnessing. Be tried to get video and pictures but it was to far away for an iPhone camera. Eventually the lite mass traveled to far for us see or went into the clouds as they slowly faded away. 

Following I got my laptop and started searching different events photos to see which image looked similar which eliminated all of our previous thoughts and questions and landed on potential UFO sightings. I got goosebumps looking at photos exactly like we saw except we saw many more lights. The UFO Lights were moving from SW to SE. 

Did anyone else see this? Later we kept looking and saw the satellite C2278 Rocket moving from N to S. Name appeared on our star app mufon cms#79253

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