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Marines Deployed Afghanistan Has UFO Sighting Encounter Events 2009

My brother, a corporal in United States Marine Corps was deployed 2009 to Afghanistan FOB (Field operating base) Camp Payne. This base is located close to the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan. During his deployment one night he was manning a mark 19 at a guard post with a couple of other Marines on the base. During the night my brother received a call on the radio from another guard post on base, they could see over 15 golf shape White light UFOs hovering in formation a couple of miles outside of the base, over the radio they asked my brother if he could see the lights and if he could see them,what are they? His response was "I see them and I don't know what the hell they are." My brothers first instinct was to inform his superiors and alert of a possible threat. The FOB called other FOB's asking if there were any flares shot or any activity in the area? The response was no. For hours the base was on alert of a threat because nobody had a clue what the lights were. After approximately five hours the glowing white UFOs left at a high rate of speed, changed direction, than disappeared. Located at each guard post is a log for the Marines to write down events that occurred during their guard shift, so my brother and the other Marines at his post wrote down all events in detail. The next evening my brother had to pull guard duty, this is when he noticed the page that he and his fellow Marines wrote in detail about the events that had taken place the night before, the Page had been torn from the log book and taken away. To this day my brother has a reoccurring dream. In the dream he is sitting on the ground leaning against a wall sleeping, next to him are several other Marines sleeping in the same position against the wall. As they are sleeping he wakes up, and sees an alien figure bending over looking at the other Marines sitting on the ground. When the alien figure notices my brother has woken, it comes over to him, it touches him with an object,and that is all he can remember after that. my brother does not think this is a dream, he feels like this really did happen. On television there have been shows about UFOs, sometimes they show sightings and he tells me, "that's what I saw, it's them." MUFON CMS# 77041 

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