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Man Stunned Witnessing Landing UFOs

My good friend of maybe 20 years or more who also works at the same company I do for a couple years now told me Monday that he thinks he saw some UFOs. We did not have a chance to discuss it much then but last night we talked in more detail. He is not very "techie" so i am reporting this UFO Sighting for him. He walked out on his porch just after dark and saw these UFO lights coming towards him from the direction that Harrisburg Pa is. We are in the flight path for Harrisburg Airport so he just figured it was some planes but that seemed odd that there were so many so close to each other. As these UFO Lights got closer he could see that the first one was bigger than the other 5 and then the big one stopped and remained hovering while the other 5 moved around in random directions. He watched them for awhile and went back inside. He kept thinking about them and decided to go outside again they were still in the sky but a different place then they all started moving very fast over top of him but not straight above but at an angle from where he was over a ravine with trees in it. Then these UFOs stopped again on the other side of the ravine about 200 to 300 yards from him. He got his binoculars out and he said the Big UFO Sighting appeared to change shape and colors which he had a hard time describing to me. He said it looked rectangular at times with colors dancing around on it like looking at a TV screen and then looked more roundish for a bit and then the weirdest shape for a bit that he described as looking like an upside tornado with lights changing colors constantly. Then they started descending and the 5 smaller UFOs landed but the big one did not. At one point through the binoculars he said it looked like one of the smaller UFOs had round windows or portals but then the lights got brighter again and he could not see them any more. He said he was feeling kind of scared or nervous and went back inside. I asked if he took any pictures but he did not even think about it. He may not even know how to do that as he just got a smart phone from having a flip phone for years. MUFON CMS# 107175 Shermans Dale Pennsylvaia 3/22/20 Region had 3,893 UFO Sightings reported to date.

two black saucer shaped UFOs

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