Man Recalls UFO Sighting Abduction 4/28/18 Ipswich UK/England

UFO Sighting Abduction reported 4/28/18: Last night I had a similar UFO Sighting event that I had on On the 04/04/2017.The weather was raining and I sleep with a small bedroom window open. I heard a dull humming sound coming from outside and got out of bed to look out of the window. Seeing some lights coming from behind the trees I got dressed and went to get my sons friend who is staying with us to come with me to Investigate. The time was about 11:30 pm. We both went outside and started to walk towards the field. We both saw dull Lights coming from behind trees and after my last experience I knew what it was. We both took our phones with us but they did not work. There was a "UFO" ship about 50 to 60 feet across and the height was about 25 to 30 feet and as last time, it did not seem to be touching the ground. Somehow I found myself inside the "UFO" ship. I have no recollection how I got there, my friend Joe was not with me. The inside of this UFO was very dimly lit and had a very strange smell of almonds that I recognized from last time and again I saw small Alien figures moving around in the shadows, I could not hear voices but had the opinion that they were having a conversation with each other. I was held on top of a floating table that was moving around the room I had no comprehension of the time but I was in the "UFO" ship for around two hours. I found myself in the field where I found Joe who said that he could not move until I reappeared he had a memory of me being taken up and into the UFO but was unable to to move. I have no knowledge of anything happening to me but my neck is very sore. I don't recall seeing or feeling anything being done to me. But I did feel very light The whole thing was very traumatic and I am certain what we saw and experienced. This time I have a witness and that makes me feel a lot better. source

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