MADAR Project is making UFO history

MADAR III, Node 56 is operational as of 02/16/2020. Node 56 is located in the Antelope Valley, Ca., home to Skunk Works, USAF Plant 42, Edward's AFB, NASA, Northrop and more. Node 56 operated by Jim Kerr. Follow our page, (BELOW), for updates on the MADAR III project. "Over 50 Years of UFO Sighting Detection" "The MADAR Project has 70 sites or "nodes" located throughout the world. It is hoped that by the end of this year there will be 100 or more such sites betraying the presence of UFOs. With over 50 years of experience in the UFO Sighting detection field and a number of detection projects, the MADAR Project is continuously delving into the unknown with the latest in technology. Using new electronic and computer technology, 2014 began a new exciting phase in the study. In 2016 the groundwork for a better and less expensive system begun, which allowed us to take the project world-wide. After over two years of research and development,
Above quote from NICAP/MADAR website. 

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