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Looks like same UFO Sighting over Paris France a couple days later

UFO Sighting Above Car Las Vegas May 3 2017

On Wednesday May 03, 2017, traveling to pick up my wife from work, East on North 215 Highway and between Lamb Blvd and Range Road (North Las Vegas, NV)there are no street lights. At 11:48 pm driving with my driver side window down, a "UFO Sighting" of a very large solid bright white light appeared straight down above me and illuminated the stretch of land between both sides of the highway, to include the West bound side of North 215 Highway. I first thought this could be a police helicopter with a spotlight, but I was the only vehicle traveling and the light covered a HUGE area, and the sound of the aircraft was NOT a helicopter, THERE WAS NO SOUND FROM ABOVE!!The light remained solid for 5 to 7 seconds as I was traveling, difficult to say if the light was traveling with me or I was traveling through the light. When the light was gone , I then heard a soft smooth swoosh sound as it accelerated to the East. When i was on top of the bridge before Range Road, I could see four lights 2 solid (on bottom) white and 2 flashing red (on top)(difficult to say if this was one or two UFO's). The UFO(s) appeared to have slowed down at the North end of Nellis Air Force Base and I believe I saw a helicopter at the far south end of Nellis Air Force Base. The UFO(s) continued traveling Eastward over the mountain ridge away from the AIR BASE. 

I could not explain what type of aircraft this was when it happened in real time. I was telling my wife that since we are close to AREA 51 this has to be a TOP SECRET aircraft. 

On the weekend, it was reported on the News a UFO was sighted over Paris, France and a picture was shown on television. The solid light shape from that UFO was the same as what I saw when I was driving. 

So know I am uncertain as to exactly what I saw and experienced that night. mufon cms# 83672

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