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Light Golden Yellow UFO Sighting in North-East New Delhi which grew in size

Golden Orb UFO Photo

I was 13 years of age at the time of this UFO Sighting and we were residing in a 2nd story flat in Dilshad Garden, New Delhi, India. We are a family of five, and as a teenager I was almost crazy about UFOs and other strange phenomena. At times, I would spend hours observing the night sky from our terrace with my brother or all alone but unfortunately without any optical aid. But this sighting occurred when I was not doing so. 

In the early hours of 7/20/1993, my brother shook me up from deep sleep and told about something unusual in the skies. Apparently, I realized there was a power cut which had woken up everyone in the household so early. It was exactly 3:45 a.m. I got up and saw that my parents were looking skywards from the balcony in the front of our main entrance. I got there and saw a strange light in the East-North-East part of the sky. It was a small round and glowing UFO which was light golden yellow in color and kept growing in size gradually. At times, it gave the appearance of emitting a very faint green light as well. At first, it seemed to me like a plane moving in our direction and perhaps that was the reason for its continually increasing size but after observing the object for a few minutes I became quite sure that it was not the case. On careful observation, the UFO looked like rotating on its own axis at the same place in the sky because its glow would become slightly dull then again increase a little like a slightly unequally illuminated rotating round UFO would do. But I was never sure if the UFO was really rotating at all or just gave the appearance of such a movement. 

One thing I am quite sure of is that it was continually increasing in size until it was about as big as the Moon and glowed brighter than the Moon in its yellowish light. In the meantime, I also got to the terrace to have an unobstructed view of the UFO and to see if there were more such UFOs in the sky at the time. When I got to the terrace there was not much change in the view of the UFO. It was the same light golden yellow glowing round UFO slowly increasing in its size. Disappointingly enough for me, no other similar UFOs could be observed at the time and the sky was quite clear with no clouds visible at the time. Some high-altitude aircraft also passed through the sky visible only like a faint moving star which we were quite accustomed to, thanks to our past night sky observations. But the UFO in question was neither affected nor moved apparently from its place. After reaching its maximum size, it started decreasing in size and finally faded away as a star in the morning sky at about 6 a.m. Another thing to be noted is that it did not move apparently but in the course of 2 hours and 15 minutes when it was visible it seemed to move along with the stars and finally faded in the eastern sky as sun came up. My brothers and parents were also witness to the phenomena along with me. In the first instance, it appeared only as the brightest star in the sky and then increased in size and then decreased and eventually disappeared. 

The next day again I woke up at 3:45 a.m. and my parents, brothers and myself again observed the UFO near the same spot where it had appeared on the last night in the East-North-East direction and kept increasing in size and then again decreased before finally disappearing in exactly the same manner in the eastern sky at about 6 a.m. in the morning. The sky was clear on this night also. On 22nd, 23rd and 24th of July as well, we observed the same object behaving in exactly the same manner as described above in the same part of the sky. The only difference is that the UFO did not always reach an equal of maximum size on different days. On 24th of July, as per my notes, it did not reach as big a size as on the first night and disappeared much in the same manner. 

The strangest thing that took place is that slowly I lost all interest in the phenomena which might have been due to my fantastic expectations of what a UFO should do. When I look back, I still wonder how did it happen that I just returned to my normal routine completely forgetting about the phenomena. Maybe it was sheer regularity of the phenomena which made me lose all interest at the time. After 24th of July, I did not care to observe if the phenomena continued or not, and that was the end of it. But I wonder what could be the explanation of the phenomena. At that point of time, the regular appearance of the phenomena almost assured me and my family that it is just some usual phenomena, maybe a satellite, as some ill-informed people confirmed with us, but I was never really satisfied with the explanation. After going through more literature on the subject, I have never been able to identify the object as some usual astronomical, environmental or man-made object or phenomena. In "The Hynek UFO Report" by J. Allen Hynek, I came across his categorical statement that no astronomical or environmental phenomena is supposed to appear as an object equal the size of the Moon and it again raised my doubts about the nature of the phenomena but without any satisfactory explanation so far. MUFON CMS# 78267

It should be noted that on the first night we observed the object, it was practically New Moon, and afterwards Moon was in its waxing phase which rules out the remote possibility of it being Moon by any chance, not to mention the light golden yellow colour of the object and a brighter glow as compared to Moon. Unfortunately, I did not possess any kind of camera at the time to have captured it on video or have taken a picture, which could have been very helpful.

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