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UFO Sighting Avondale Az 3/12/16

We went to the NASCAR races at Phoenix International Raceway today, Saturday 3/12/16. But we were late. Races had ended. We got there about 2:40pm and all spectators were leaving in their cars. 

So we drove around for about 15 minutes then ended up on N Dysart Rd, a couple miles south of I10 freeway. We drove north on N. Dysart Rd to the I10 on ramp. I was in the passenger seat looking out my window. 

We went East on the on ramp, slowly accelerating up to freeway speed. As I looked out my window I noticed a jetliner about 50* maybe 60* above the horizon, about 30* off center from the direction we were traveling, at least 5 - 10 miles away. It was small, but I could easily tell what it was. Then I thought to myself " I wonder if there are any other planes in the sky?" So I started scanning out my window in the 100% clear and bright blue sky to see if I could find another one. 

That's when I saw a small rectangular dark UFO 90* directly to the south of us; perpendicular to my passenger window. About 25-30* above the horizon. I estimate it was anywhere from 1/4 mile to 1 or 2 miles away from us. It appeared to be stationary. I was trying to figure out what it was because there were no wings like a plane, no visible engines, no shape that would suggest it held passengers, no rotors or a tail like a helicopter, no noise, and not even a definite shape. So I thought "maybe it's a balloon? No it couldn't be, even helium balloons don't sit perfectly still." 

Then it slowly started moving west. I thought to myself "oh, it's moving, maybe it somebody's radio control toy?" Then it started moving faster. I had to turn my head quickly to keep it in my field of vision over my right shoulder. 

The UFO immediately went backwards without even turning or slowing down, and then it went forwards again. I couldn't believe what I saw. A couple seconds later it appeared to turn in a southerly direction, this time "leaning into the curve" like a plane would do. 

That's when I got a clear view of the top of the UFO because the sun was reflecting off of it. It was saucer shaped! Definitely made out of some type of metal. [No windows, doors, hatches, or anything else, just smooth metal that I could see.] 

The object made 1 or 2 more direction adjustments in 1/10th of a second, appeared to head west again (its original direction) at a high rate of speed. I blinked my eyes because my brain was still trying to figure out what I saw. When I opened my eyes, it was gone. 

I started scanning the sky again to see if it was still around but in a different position. I couldn't find the object, but I saw a helicopter which appeared to be traveling in a SW direction a few miles East of where I saw the UFO. MUFON CMS #75170

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