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Latest UFO Sightings reported 3/17/16 Santa Cruz CA

UFO Sighting witness reports Had just returned from dinner. Got out of the car and looked up to the sky for it was a beautiful clear night and the stars were out. I noticed two UFO objects in the North, moving in a Southerly direction. They caught my eye because I had never seen those kind of lights before. I look up a lot at the night sky. We live in the flight path of SFO & San Jose Int. airports, so I see a lot of airplanes.

At the time I first noticed the UFO objects there was a plane going North, It seemed to be higher than the two UFO objects. I thought they might be helicopters but the lights were different. They also seemed too high to be helicopters, and they made no noise that I could hear. They looked like a white circle with kind of blue and green pulsating lights. One went in a South East direction and seemed to gain in altitude until I could not see it any longer. The other object continued in a South West direction. It slowed down to a very slow speed. Not a hover but close to it. Then it speed up to somewhat faster than it was going before.

Maybe like 100 mph or so knowing how fast most small planes fly around in the area. As it speed up the lights seemed to change to a kind of white fuzzy light with a small reddish light moving around the perimeter of the object. It really made me think I might have seen a UFO. Like I said, I look up a lot and these two UFO objects were not like anything I have ever seen. I later thought maybe a drone. Don't think so. A drone would not have gone up and out of sight. They come down.

I asked my wife to come out and look at what I was looking at, just so she would not think I was nuts. By that time the one had already disappeared but the other was still visible. She doesn't have quit as good of vision as I do, but she agreed it was different and not a helicopter. I sure would like to know if any one else saw what I saw. Chances are they would not report it I guess. This is the first report I have made. It made such an impression on me I took the time to do so. MUFON CMS# 75254

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