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Latest UFO Sighting we communicated with two Saucer Shaped UFOs Conway WA

On Monday, March 13, 2017 at 8:30 pm, my friends and I were at the western most end of Rawlings Rd in Conway WA, when out of nowhere, a UFO light appeared just above the horizon, over Camano Island. After a minute or so, another bright UFO light appeared next to it. It was the same pattern as our previous UFO Sightings in the same area, so we instantly knew what we were seeing. We had brought along a camera, as the UFOs had previously shown up as soon as we arrived at the area. We took multiple long exposure shots of the UFO Sightings in flight, and it was revealed that whilst traveling at faster speeds, the UFO would cloak itself, and could only be seen on camera. We photographed the flight path of both UFOs departing the area, and it was truly amazing. About 10 minutes after they had left, the UFOs returned in the same spot, or another 2 UFO lights with similar characteristics appeared there. This UFO Sighting did relatively the same things, hovering and pulsating in odd fashions. They would disappear for minutes at a time, then suddenly reappear, then dart away after some time in the area. The 3rd time we saw this, one of us decided to flash a phone flashlight at it. Upon doing this, to our surprise, the UFO abruptly turned towards us, in a frantic manner. It had 3 lights in the front that appeared to scan us. After that, it quickly darted in another direction and assumed a southwest bound flight path. It was during its departure of the area that we noticed a Saucer Shape to it. The entire UFO was lit up with a large number of lights, pulsating in an intelligent manner. During the departure, we flashed lights again, and this time, it began to fly in a manner similar to an insect, going up and down, and left to right. The we realized that we had just communicated with a potential extra terrestrial, and that our lives would be forever changed. The event lasted 3 hours. mufon cms# 82641

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