Latest UFO Sighting Video Multiple UFOs 7-17-17 Santiago Capital of Chile

Numerous White UFO orbs were seen over Santiago recently where a multitude of UFOs have been spotted hovering over the Chilean capital of Santiago. This UFO Sighting incident took place on July 17th at around 9:45pm. The UFOs appear as Bright White Orbs against the dark night sky and look very imposing as they adhere to their formation. At least 13 UFO orbs are visible in the footage as these UFOs seem to remain relatively stationary, and while we often see one or two UFO orbs in any given sighting, it is highly unusual to see so many at the same time. Clearly, something extraordinary is going on, evidenced too by the excited voices in the UFO Video clip. credit Ilona Podhrazska. Video has been deleted on Youtube


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