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Latest UFO Sighting V-shaped crafts have been in the sky for a while Goose Creek SC

Triangle UFO Sighting reported Goose creek SC 2/25/17

Goose Creek South Carolina 2/25/17 has strange V shaped UFO Sighted hovering above the city for a while. There is a you tube posting for this area, looks like what I am seeing. You can see a string of lights that make up the V-Shape. One of the UFO crafts seemed to have a little UFO craft floating near by at all times. Is this surveillance? We have a new police station recently built, city patrol with new technology? Weirdest thing to see these brighter than a Star UFOs in the sky. We also have a naval weapons station here, are we being watched? What gives. Sure would like to know what is messing up my view of the stars every night. Have contacted you once before about a craft my friend and I witnessed in Garden City a few years ago. This could very well be the same UFO we saw then. It was parked in the air above a radio tower next to the king fisher inn. We were on the penthouse roof top area when we observed this UFO. After some debate with my friend as to what it was, that UFO came down parked in front of our balcony and gave us a look as if intentional, like it heard our conversation. Wow true story! It took off over the water toward myrtle beach and was gone in a blink of an eye, never made a sound or disturbed any air around it! We went back the next year and the radio tower that had been there forever was moved...a parking lot is there now. But I never took my eyes off the sky again, and now...what is in my backyard sky? They were all over us last night. They sit lower than airplanes fly or just above the flight path or pattern. I'm not the only one seeing these strange lights parked in the sky but I can't figure out why no one is talking about them. Must be ours to be so obvious I figure...but why are they there. Big brother? What gives I wonder. We are watching them right back! mufon cms# 82361

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