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Latest UFO Sighting reported flat hexagon shape UFO with an orange glow over New York

hexagon shaped UFO Sighting reported Stanfordville NY 9-18-17

Latest UFO Sighting occurred on 9/18/17 & reads as follows: I was coming home my normal route from work, Salt Point Turnpike in Stanfordville in Dutchess County New York, which is in the Mid-Hudson Valley. It was approximately 21:45-21:50 I was near the intersection of Market Lane, which is on a curve in the roadway, I noticed a sort of orange "glow" in the sky, maybe 30% above the horizon in the Southeast. I could not be sure if it was a planet or a plane, but as I rounded the corner and moved toward it, I could see it was neither as it appeared to be moving toward me as I moved toward it. UFO appear to be hovering, but it was hard to tell its movements other than it looked larger as I got closer. By this time I was on a straightaway and, because of numerous deer in the area, I slowed down and was able to keep an eye on the UFO Sighting as I traveled the road. I took notice of the fact that the UFO appeared to be a glowing flat hexagon shape that looked to be, for lack of a better description, on fire, and it was quite large. I was able to keep it in site until I hit a tree line and could no longer see it. As I cleared the tree line, possibly no more than 5-10 seconds later, I looked to where the UFO should have been and could not find it. I slowed and scanned the whole area in every direction and there was nothing to be found. It seemed to have vanished completely. I have had previous UFO sightings of unexplained craft before, and I guess I live in an area that is prone to unexplained UFOs being spotted, The Mid-Hudson valley. I have always been more curious than afraid, And I felt that way when I saw this UFO, no fear just curiosity. mufon cms# 86780

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