Latest UFO Sighting reported 2/5/16 Hicksville New York

Went outside my house for a smoke and looked up like I always do. Instantly I noticed an unusually bright and large UFO white light moving steadily through the sky. I have good eyesight, I can see planes lights at extreme altitudes, 2 or 3 planes were visible during the UFO sighting, at different altitudes and going in different directions all of them had red and blue flashing lights and steady white lights, nowhere near as bright or large as the UFO light. The lowest plane was flying north and I was able to hear it. It may have masked any sound that could have been coming from the ufo but I'm pretty sure it was silent. It took me about 30 seconds to evaluate my surroundings,compare the sizes and brightness of the planes and stars. I was confident I was witnessing a UFO, no nearby air force bases so I ruled out experimental air craft pretty quickly. I'm outside often at night I've never sighted anything like this before. It wasn't moving at a very fast speed, and I'm not sure how far away it was. I've seen meteorites, they zip across the sky,leaving a trail. This was moving too slow and left nothing behind to be a meteorite. Even meteors leave a visible trail behind. It traveled east for about five minutes before the light slowly dimmed and vanished. It's a clear and cloudless night. I was surprised, I've always wanted to witness a UFO, I wish it was a bit closer, larger, had a visible shape and took off at an incredible speed so I can be 100% sure what I had seen. Instead I'm 99.9% sure I sighted a UFO, but I can't know for sure it was piloted by an intelligent being. I'm still very excited and very happy I witnessed this. MUFON CMS # 74323

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