Latest UFO Sighting report Cylinder shaped UFO San Antonio Texas 10-2-16

Cylinder Shaped UFO Sighting report San Antonio 10216

At approximately 2:45 am till 3:26 am I monitored a UFO approximately 20,000 ft in the sky. The UFO had a star like quality but had an elongated shape to it. When I first noticed it it was upright and straight @ 12 o'clock and after an unknown amount of time maybe 7-8 minutes the UFO turned on its axis and lay at a two O clock position. The UFO light patterns were extremely bright in comparison with anything else in the sky with a bright blue light at the top of the thin cylinder shape to an alternating red and phosphoric white center. The colors were extremely bright another characteristic of the UFO Sighting is that the lights would flash from one side of it to the other with most of the movement toward the center of the UFO and it seemed to bend into a V-shape as if an arc of electricity. I wanted to film it but my battery was almost dead on my phone. I observed this UFO at first from my balcony after some time maybe ten minutes I got my phone's portable external battery and called my neighbor he came out at approximately 3:15 30 minutes into my observations. At which time I had to go back in the house and tend to my cooking. I watched the UFO another ten minutes perhaps before my eyes got too tired to watch. Somewhere around 3:15-3:20 the UFO seemed to move further away into the southeast sky. UFO Sighting occurred 10/2/16 San Antonio Texas: mufon cms# 79539

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