Latest UFO Sighting Photo 7-27-17 Bright UFO Lands behind Barn Johnson City TN

latest UFO Sighting 7-28-17 Johnson City TN UFO Landing

Latest UFO Sighting report reads as follows:

The UFO witness reports she has sighted this UFO every night for over a week. Now this bright UFO comes closer and does not make any noise. The UFO light is so bright you can not look directly at it. Last night 7/27/17 this UFO appeared to land behind a barn less than a quarter mile away and emitted a very bright glow. The UFO light then slowly started to fade. On the previous nights the UFO stays stationary with the light coming on occasionally and then moves off horizontally extremely fast. This is out in the country with few houses around. The cattle on the farm next to where this UFO was seem to be panic and ran and mooed. This is very frightening for the Lady as well. The Washington County Sheriff's Department had two cruisers there last night and I assume they saw the UFO light as well. mufon cms#85441 UFO Sighting encounter occurred on July.27,2017 in the county side of Johnson City TN. UFO Photo above shows Bright UFO landed next to barn.

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