Latest UFO Sighting orange color close slowly coming toward me until turned/faded Burlington Vermont 8/27/16

I was out walking my dog on the sidewalk in front of my house in Burlington, Vermont. I've seen lots of unexplained things in the sky, so for many years, whenever I'm outside, I observe the sky. What I saw tonight starting about 10:20 was a large orange UFO sphere of light, maybe 100 feet above the trees, approximately a couple of blocks away when I first sighted it through the trees. I moved to a place with no trees to block it; from then on I could see it clearly. The UFO made no sound. It was traveling slowly south, towards me, in a straight line, not blinking or undulating or anything. I watched it for approximately 4-5 minutes (no watch or camera--sigh). When it was almost overhead, it suddenly made a right-angle turn to my left and then faded out to nothing. I stayed outside for another 20 minutes, but I didn't see it again. As soon as I came back into the house, I wrote down all the details I could remember of this UFO Sighting. 

I was very excited while watching it. About 2 minutes after I sighted it, a young man across the street came out of his apartment, so I hollered to him to look. He saw it for sure but didn't seem very excited. He tried to explain it as a satellite with the sun (far below the horizon by 10:20 in August)shining on it. I've seen many satellites. They don't look anything like what I was seeing. They're star-sized and far away, like stars. And they look white. This orange sphere UFO was about 2/3 the size a full moon is when it's all the way up in the sky. 

I knew I was looking at a UFO because I've read a lot about them and have personally witnessed 5, counting this one. My sister and parents have also witnessed UFOs. The ones I saw were all different from one another--except the first one, in 1956, which was quite similar to the one I saw tonight. At around midnight, my boyfriend and I were driving down a woods road with a river to the right of it. We saw an orange sphere of light moving slowly towards the road from the left. It made no sound. It stopped and hovered over the wires right in front of us. We got out of the car to see it, but the UFO zoomed off the way it came, fast. I wrote that incident up in MUFON years ago. MUFON CMS# 78747 

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