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Latest UFO Sighting Observed a round stationary UFO in the sky for 1 hour

I was helping a neighbor on his shop outside, and observed a round UFO in the SW sky. There was some misty clouds in the area, but over all was blue sky. It seemed weird as I could tell it was round and just a dot. I thought it an aircraft or balloon. I went and got my binoculars and continued to watch to see if it moved. While watching you could see clouds moving but this UFO continued to stay stationary. Eventually a jet liner passed by in the area but this UFO stayed at the same location. My neighbor and I watched for about an hour and sight was lost due to cloud cover. My binoculars only showed that object was round. I tried to steady my binoculars by leaning against a window frame, that helped a lot but did not show me any more than a round UFO. I could tell the UFO was very far away, when jet liner flew past jet was very far too and UFO seemed even further. In all honesty I believed it to be a balloon, but it did not move the whole time, and remained stationary for aprox. the hour we observed. MUFON CMS# 78325

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