Latest UFO Sighting Metallic Cone Glass Cylinder 7/16/17 Hamilton CA.

Drawing of rocket shape UFO Sighting Hamilton ON CA 71617

The UFO Sighting went from s/w to s/e and made no noise. My daughter said it was probably a Chinese lantern floating, but it was going from E to W and the wind always comes up from the States from the S/E. It would have turned the UFO in the direction of the wind if it were a Chinese lantern. One blow up picture I included show a donut shape and you could see the sky thought it at times. UFO travelled about maybe 500 feet above ground and had NO flashing lights like a plane. This UFO had a metallic cone shaped top and what looked like a glass cylinder center and what looked like 2 metallic tubes under the UFO as TV cable and then a Telephone cable. mufon cms# 85204

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