Latest UFO Sighting glowing mist overhead California

I don't know why I was prompted to look out of my window, but I was immediately drawn to a blinking Star like UFO Sighting in the sky. multiple colors were flashing. It was the size of a planet in the sky at first. For the previous three days I had an overwhelming sensation of being followed or stalked, also having dreams of unknown Alien entities chasing me & trying to harm or capture me and such a deep fear that for two of the three days my chest, and neck felt suffocated, pressurized and sore. The morning before I noticed the orb in the sky, I woke up with paper-cut like scratches and a tough, invisible, sharp glass-like and metal-like debris (some slivered and some round micro-particles) on my hands and face. I felt nausea and irritable all day before headache, weak stomach, body aches, dizzy, and distracted. When I saw this star like entity I felt that it had been on its way for quite some time to make itself apparent to me, I have never felt such a feeling of something unknown somehow having such a controlling or intriguing presence/manifestation.I am uneasy writing this as I can still see the entity, as well as feel it outside of my window. The UFO Sighting has changed in shape It's no longer emitting a multi-colored light from what I can see. just camouflaged as an obvious yet otherwise normal looking star in the sky, as not many stars are visible tonight and this one is extra bright, like the north star for example but in the east and slowly elevating in the atmosphere. I am also uneasy because when I saw this UFO I felt like there was an Alien entity inside of the UFO that has an intimate bond with me, as though it is responsible for previous lucid dreams I have experienced or it has a specific reason for alluding me. UFO Sighting also disappeared from view for a few minutes (but I could intuitively feel that it moved to the north west side of the house which was out of view) then I witnessed a shadow figure approach me quickly as though it descended from my living room ceiling. I began to feel suffocated and feverish. a few minutes later it appeared into view again in the east and began to slowly and almost apparently ascending higher into the sky. UFO Encounter 3/18/20 Gonzales California 3/18/20 MUFON CMS# 106960

UFO Sighting women laying in bed

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