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Latest Reported UFO Sighting Oakdale Long Island NY

Bright green glowing sphere over wetlands. Oakdale Long Island NY 1/16/19

Watching television (Seth Meyers Late Night Show) in living room on couch beside shade less window which overlooks open wetlands. +/- 00:40 AM, a bright light green colored glowing UFO sphere about the size of a basketball from my point of view became visible approximately 50' above the ground, perhaps 200' away, instantly appearing against a dark sky.The UFO Sighting descended rapidly below treetop level within a group of trees to approximately 20', made a 90-degree turn and sped off in a southerly direction showing a slight bright white haze on the trailing hemispherical north-facing side, but after perhaps 200' of perfect horizontal travel, the UFO Sighting disappeared or went dark itself. There was no associated noise as would be heard with a drone. UFO Sighting was silent. I ran outside, but no sounds could be heard, no object could be seen. No aircraft in the area at the time. Incredible experience. I wish I had my camera on hand. This is all the information that I can recall. nuforc.org (photo below is depiction)

Bright green glowing sphere over wetlands Oakdale Long Island, NY  1-16-19

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