Latest Mass UFO Sightings Reported 12/09/17 Over Five States

Osage Beach Montana 12/09/2017: UFO Sighting reported Saw a line of at least 50 red lights did not make on sound. mufon cms# 88671

Loveland Colorado 12/09/2017:Five or six lights in a straight line gliding NE in total silence, between treetop and 500 ft. mufon cms# 88670

Castle Rock Colorado 12/09/2017: UFO Sighting 10-15 red lights in a straight line at a 45 angle. mufon cms# 88667

Boulder Colorado 12/09/2017: UFO Sighting reportedString of slowly moving bright red lights East to West directly over steel yards neighborhood in Boulder CO. Deep red over Junction Place. mufon cms# 88666

Aurora Colorado 12/09/2017: UFO Sighting reported String of blinking red and white lights, hovered, eventually changed direction. mufon cms# 88659

Avon Colorado 12/09/2017: The UFO sighting was unusual, multiple lights in a long zig zag patter, very large, not a plane, light blinking. mufon cms# 88658

Avon Colorado 12/09/2017: UFO Sighting Observed patter of 7 to 8 sequentially pulsating lights moving vertically across the night sky in a western direction. mufon cms# 88657

Denver Colorado 12/09/2017: UFO Sighting reported String of lights seen moving from East to West. Moved silently. Appeared to be connected. mufon cms# 88654

Englewood Colorado 12/09/2017: UFO Sighting reported 10 flashing red lights moving west. mufon cms# 88653

Murphysboro IL. 12/09/2017: UFO Sighting reported 20 + Bright red lights approximately 1/4 mile wide. mufon cms# 88664

Three Forks MT. 12/09/2017:30+ blinking red and white UFO lights in a zigzag pattern moving from West to East. mufon cms# 88662

Laurel MT. 12/09/2017: UFO Sighting of 20 red lights configured in semis straight formation heading south very slowly. mufon cms# 88650

Clarek Wy. 12/09/2017: UFO Sighting 10 to 15 Red lights blinking but not off and on in a straight line moving. mufon cms# 88650

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