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Large UFO Dissolves into 100 small UFOs

I went outside at 7:49 pm to adjust my antenna when I looked up & spotted the UFO in the Eastern sky. I went into my house to get my scope to look closer at the object..After settings my scope up to view the object, i seen that it was a very big circular UFO with a smaller object down below it swinging back & forth like a bottom handle on a grandfather clock it travel from east direction to the west for a little over an hour before changing from a Silver Circular Disk to a Bright Orange Color before breaking up into 50-100 objects going into different directions at 9:11pm. I have had a UFO Sighting  like this 3-4 weeks ago and before back in 2017. mufon cms# 109733 Ferrum Virginia Region has had 1,453 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

black green UFO Flying Saucer

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