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Large Bright UFO Sighting Maneuvering At Low Altitude Photo

UFO Light sighting Photo 112217 Naperville IL

It was about 7:34-:38 pm when I was coming back home from the grocery store with my father. As we turned the corner of Red Start and Warbler to get home I noticed something out of the ordinary a large pulsating bright white "UFO" light. There is quite a bit of air traffic in our area but this "UFO" light was larger than any plane light I have ever seen. Having no outline like a plane would at such a low altitude (about twenty degrees above the horizon just at the tree line) this "UFO" light caught my attention. When I first saw it I observed a small blinking red light at the bottom front of the UFO Sighting light. About a third of the way through the observed flight path of the larger UFO light the red light disappeared. Traveling East, the light suddenly started pulsating differently from before UFO started to alternate between the same bright white I had originally seen and a teal-like color. Its flashing reminded me almost of a strobe light. Turning away from the Northeast the large UFO light swung around to the Southeast I watched it pulsate fly over my house off in the distance before losing sight of it behind the large trees in my area. The whole UFO sighting lasted about twenty-to-thirty seconds. As soon as I got in the house I fetched my laptop and jotted down a quick description of what I had just seen. I hadn't even taken off my coat or shoes yet I wanted to write it down while it was still incredibly fresh in my mind. While my father was with me he didn't see anything. He had recently had cataract surgery so his vision was very limited especially since it was nighttime when the UFO sighting occurred. He didn't believe me at first but he does now since we got a short fragment of the light on the car's dash cam. Being low-resolution I probably won't include the clip. However a friend and I were able to get a freeze-frame of the light along with a close-up higher-resolution picture. In the first picture the light observed is in the upper right-hand side of the picture while the larger light closer to the left is a street light with a car beneath it. mufon cms#89151

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