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UFO News from Japan : Another 75+ issues of various UFO magazines and newsletters from Japan are online http://files.afu.se/Downloads/Magazines/Japan/. This batch includes over 50 issues of "Flying Saucer News", 20 issues of "JUFORA" and several issues of "Brothers". The last of these is in English, so is particularly useful to those in the English-speaking world that would like to gain some insight into the UFO Sighting scene in Japan. All the scans have been done by the AFU in Sweden. (I also have obtained permission to upload several further Japanese publications so will try to get those online this weekend). http://files.afu.se/Downloads/Magazines/Japan/?fbclid=IwAR3ycF96G0iopEdphp40gIIMUtA6kZYC251052PTI51lUXBQjt79-VJlhsc   credit Isaac Koi 

Japan UFO Sighting Magazine

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