January 6, 1976 Stanford UFO Sighting Abduction near Stanford Kentucky

Location of the famous January 6, 1976 Stanford UFO Encounter and Abduction near Stanford, Kentucky. Photo by Michael Huntington - June, 2016.

Stanford UFO Sighting Abduction Jan 1976

THE STANFORD UFO SIGHTING ABDUCTION: THE STANFORD DRIVE-IN ON HWY 78 - Stanford, Kentucky - On the evening of January 6, 1976 - Mona Stafford, Louise Smith, and Elaine Thomas were traveling west on Highway 78 towards Hustonville, to their home town of Liberty, Kentucky. Just past the Stanford Drive-In Theater, the three women encountered a large UFO - with red and yellow lights - which took control of their vehicle (with a bright "beam") and pulled it off the road and into a rural farm pasture. Missing time, physical effects, and a subsequent hypnotic regression revealed a horrific shared abduction experience during the missing hour along Highway 78. The Stanford Drive-In continues to operate to this day. Photo by Michael Huntington - June, 2016. credit Michael Huntington

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