Jamesville New York midnight UFO sighting

As I was driving home from work I drive home the same way every day I was coming down the hill next to the Jamesville Prison, and I see this UFO what I thought was an airplane, but was going way too slow across the sky to be a plane. UFO Sighting had lot of lights on it, white, red, green, blue.As I got closer it was to the right side of the road, I immediately slowed down and pulled over, to try get pictures with my phone, the lights were so bright my phone wouldn't focus. So I just watched it, UFO Sighting was triangular shape, quiet, and as I pulled over, it stopped going forward in direction and paused mid air, turned 180 degrees and started to slowly travel in the opposite direction I was. Like it knew I was watching or saw it. UFO also traveled in different speeds from slow to faster. Then it disappeared behind the trees.

Jamesville, NY, midnight UFO sighting 2/13/19

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