Jacques Vallee Implications of UFO Sighting Phenomena

UFO News Today: Unlike Richard Dolan, who has never researched the Experienc Contact Phenomenon, Dr. Jacques Valle has in fact researched hundreds of not thousand of UFO Sighting related contact experience. He is considered one of the few top scientists that has research this field and has 100% credibility. All of his books over the last 40 years are legendary. He does not make a living out of Ufology like Richard Dolan. Even this interview, which took place more than 25 years ago, Vallee views the UFO Sighting related contact phenomenon not from a materialist perspective, like Richard Dolan, but a much more complicated phenomenon which involves a manipulation of Space-Time and that this phenomenon might involve Multi Dimensional Non Human Intelligence. This interview is extremely important for everyone to digest. Jacques Vallee - Thinking Allowed - Implications of UFO Sighting Phenomena credit Reinerio Hernandez

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