Italy 1956-1990 Mass UFO Sightings Alien Contacts

One of the most underrated UFO contact cases is the "Friendship case." From 1956 until 1990, the Italians had been dealing with mass UFO sightings that included contacts with human-like beings who were friendly. An aerospace expert & UFO researcher Dr. Roberto Pinotti published photographs of a UFO control cabin and a being wearing dark shades from one of the sightings that took place in Francavillia, Italy on the Adriatic Coast in 1957. Author Stefano Breccia mentioned in his book “Mass Contacts as an electrical engineer, he had a great interest in alien technology. In his study of Ufology, he learned many things about UFOs. In his book, he revealed that the flying saucers are not always the primary means of transport but rather functions as a temporary laboratory and base. Besides, after the mission completed, the flying saucers were often disassembled, and robots would build another one for 2 hours. He shared much technical information about the UFOs, from their navigation system to metals used to build them. credit Asya Asiryanc. Photo's Below are said to be inside a UFO Control Cabin.

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