Huge linear spot lights blinking on side of UFO Sighting Colorado City CO

Colorado City CO 3-1-18 Large UFO Lights

UFO Sighting seemed linear in shape, huge spot lights going down side, lights would appear then go off and re-appear in different area Colorado City CO 3/1/18. Very large UFO Sighting and no noise coming from if. It flew right over my house then hovered in the valley north of my house. It was almost stealth in motion. There was only one UFO.It was a full moon out and you could see the whole valley light in daytime, but could not actually see the UFO, I could only speculate it was linear because of way lights were going down side of it! I live in the country and big open space in backyard, we were in hot tub when my girlfriend saw it over neighbors house! The light were huge Amber color! There were posts all over community Face Book of what people saw, and also videos posted on Face Book. My girlfriend filmed it for 6 min on smart phone, people reported seeing same lights in Pueblo West, 25 miles north from me! source

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