How Many People Actually Report UFO Sightings?

Boy having UFO Sighting

The link below is for a very important report by a prominent UFO disclosure activist and should be carefully studied. The number of UFO sighting reports is truly the proverbial " tip of the iceberg." In my judgment whether the figure is 10 percent of the population has had a UFO Sighting, (an estimate made by John Keel) or the 15 percent or so as reported by Fox News, tens of millions of US residents and probably hundreds of millions of people on the planet have had a UFO Sighting.

The burning question thus arises is what are the number of people that have had a UFO Sighting, and also have a consciousness link with UFO intelligence? I am of the opinion that this link exists in 100 percent: although only a tiny fraction is aware of this connection and are called Contact Experience. I wonder what the reaction of the so-called control groups, would be to this information.Control groups is the designation for those clandestine powerful forces in government and industry that imagine it is their job to keep a lid on the situation. The notion that everyone with a real UFO sighting of a flying saucer has a mental link with flying saucer central intelligence is probably very disturbing to the wealthiest people on the planet because in my view only the UFO Sighting phenomena threaten all terrestrial elites, but not the Earth people. credit J.Burkes MD  How Many People Actually Report UFO Sightings 

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