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INVISIBLE UFOs: How do you spot one? Case Report One of Two. 
Joseph Burkes MD 2013

Back in the 1990s when I first became a UFO investigator I lived in Los Angeles just east of the Santa Monica Airport. There it was rumored that movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger piloted his very own Lear Jet. National Boulevard is a broad tree lined street that dead-ends at airport. National runs due east in such a way that planes during take off fly in a straight line above and along the boulevard as they gain altitude. Summertime under intense mid-day sun, the sharply defined shadows of ascending aircraft are readily visible moving along the street. It was fun to watch the perfect silhouette of a small plane, with wings and fuselage racing over the asphalt.

In 1992 I joined CSETI and became a volunteer coordinator of a contact team that had limited interactions with UFO intelligence in the course of fieldwork. As part of my “trade craft” I took a great deal of interest in anything that flies.


One bright summer day in 1997 I was driving away from the airport on National Boulevard. Something strange happened. A dark well-defined perfectly oval shadow was visible on the ground. Forty feet across it could not be missed and it was moving at about 50 miles per hour in the same direction that I was traveling. I instinctively looked up through the windshield to see what kind of craft could make such a shadow on the roadway. There was nothing in sight!

From the angle of the sun making the shadow I knew that I should have been able to see the craft. The sharp outline of the dark circle moving down the road indicated to me that the object was close to the ground yet nothing was visible in the sky.


Then it struck me. There was no sound! Any conventional craft taking off from the Santa Monica Airport should produce a roar so loud that even with car windows up and the air conditioning on I would hear it. My windows were down that day and the radio was off. Whatever was flying over National Boulevard was relatively quiet in flight. The object could not have been a blimp or balloon. It was moving far too fast for that. Its behavior was consistent with an invisible UFO!

This incident points out some important lesions for detecting invisibility characteristics of some UFOs. Such anomalous aerial phenomenon can produce shadows indicating a structured object capable of blocking the sun's rays is present. The shadow might not be associated with sound, another feature of UFOs. The sharpness of the image as compared to conventional aircraft can give some inkling as to its apparent altitude, the higher the object is the less distinct is its outline

INVISIBLE UFOs: How do you spot one? Case Report Two Joseph Burkes MD

The 405 Freeway in LA is one of the busiest highways on the planet. It cuts through the Santa Monica Mountains like a knife through butter. It’s a science fiction driving experience there with 11 other lanes of traffic around you. My friend Paul is an experiencer who has been my volunteer writing coach for decades. In 2002 while driving on the 405 near Carlson, he encountered an “invisible” UFO.


On a bright sunny day he was moving about 50 miles a hour on a stretch of downgrade when he saw in the distance, less than a mile away, a large perfectly defined circular shadow on the opposite side of the freeway. It was about thirty feet across, just sitting there with no blimp or balloon above the freeway that could account for it. The shadow slowly started to move to his right across the opposite side of the road heading toward his side of the super highway.

As he closed in on the shadow he realized that he was going to pass directly under it. Knowing that something truly anomalous was going on he wondered if the other drivers were seeing the same thing he was. No one however slowed down. The sharp margins of the shadow indicated to him whatever was causing it, perhaps a hovering disc, was very close to the ground.


Just before he passed into shadow he experienced the hair on his head standing up as if in a powerful electrostatic field. To his right on the shoulder of the Freeway dust was swirling in a whirlwind fashion. Suddenly his visual field darkened. He was now under it and felt apprehensive. But a flash of light indicated that he had passed through the shadow.

In retrospect he wondered if he should have pulled to the side of the road to investigate. This maneuver was somewhat risky as cars were moving all around him at 50 miles per hour in the nearly bumper-to-bumper typically crazy LA driving configuration. He shared this story with me in 2005 when Elaine Douglas at an Annual MUFON Symposium gave a talk about the contactee Billy Meier in which cases of alleged UFO invisibility were described.

Question: So “How do you detect an invisible UFO?

Answer: Same as in the first case, by its shadow.

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