Hovering UFO at sunrise in Indiana Photo reported June 5th 2017

Linden Indiana UFO Sighting Reported June 5 2017

This was not recorded by me. This was recorded by a good friends daughter and her 2 friends. He wishes everyone to stay anonymous because he thinks the government will come after them. He sent me the videos as soon as she's sent them. All the info I have is that the UFO Sighting hovered for awhile never moved. She recorded 8 videos on her snap chat application so they are only 10 sec long. One video he sent me it was dark the other the sun was on it's way up so I don't know exactly how long it was visible but I do know that it was covered by clouds for a brief amount of time then when the clouds passed it was gone. The UFO would change from a solid light in the middle then pulses into what looks like a ring of lights around the perimeter then back into the middle slowly. mufon cms# 84248

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