Hovering Bowling Ball like UFO Sighting 9-1-17 Bethpage New York

hovering bowling ball like UFO Sighting Bethpage New York 9-1-17

UFO Sighting Report: I went to a diner in Bethpage, Ny,. I went with 2 others, they entered diner, I stayed outside for a couple of minutes, when I saw the UFO on my left side in the sky. Thought was a plane or chopper, but I observed a Bowling Ball shaped UFO kind of hovering or moving slowly approaching from my left (east to west) was amazed, took a few steps towards the direction it was coming from to get better look. I looked for wings or prop. was none. I waved and it started moving back towards South East, instead of hovering or moving slightly West. UFO Sighting then also ascended quickly into the moderate decked clouds and disappeared. I was kind of awe struck and very impressed..Not the first time I have seen unusual stuff, at all. mufon cms# 86408

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