Glowing and Non-Glowing disc shaped UFOs Sighted hovering over Mexico City Photo

Mexico City UFO Sighting Bright Lights Reported 7-23-17

During our stay in Mexico City my girlfriend and I visited the Templo Mayor site and museum. We did not see anything strange that day in the skies of Mexico City. When we returned home from our vacation I downloaded from my girlfriend's I-phone pictures she had taken at mentioned site. While reviewing the pictures I noticed strange glowing and non-glowing UFOs in attached photo IMG 3223.JPG. This photo was taken by her from inside the Templo Mayor museum. She does not recall seeing any of these UFOs when she took the picture. The photo captures glowing disc shaped and orb like UFOs and a non-glowing disc shaped UFO hovering above Mexico City. If the picture is magnified you can see the non-glowing dark/greyish disc shaped UFO hovering in between the clouds(see top photo, in the middle). When I first saw this picture my girlfriend took I thought maybe these are reflections of lights from within the museum. At the other hand the pattern of these objects did not correspond with the pattern of the UFO lights from within the museum. Also the glowing UFO Sighting between the domes of the cathedral seems to be to far away to be a reflection of a light from within the museum. The non-glowing disc shaped UFO does not seem to be neither a reflection nor dirt. In light of the above I would like to submit aforementioned photo for analysis by MUFON in order to find out if we are dealing here with something mundane or out of this world. mufon cms#86482

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