Four separate UFO Sightings at four separate times Redmond Oregon 9/27/16

I was sitting on my back porch watching the sky like I do every night. My back porch faces south and I have no lights, trees, or buildings obstructing my view. The first craft/entity caught my eye over my left shoulder. It was a dimly lit/hazy gray object that I thought was a shooting star at first. When I realized it was not a shooting star, I pointed it out to my boyfriend and my friend who were outside with me. We observed the object fly very swiftly and silently from north to south, then dip and zig zag in a fluid movement towards the south east, then disappearing. Total time of occurrence was about 5 seconds. We were all in awe and excited and wondering what the heck we just saw and talked about it and exchanged points of view and what it could have been. This was at about 10:30 pm. 

Second UFO Sighting was witnessed by only me. My boyfriend went to bed and I stayed up so I could switch laundry over for him. I stayed outside on the back porch because I was exhilarated by the first object and wanted to see if I could see anything else. 

At around midnight, I decided it was time for bed, and I did one last scan of the sky and over my right shoulder I caught movement out of the corner of my eye. I focused my eyes on the movement and sighted a distinct black triangular UFO moving swiftly from NW to SE. It made no noise and had to have been only about 1,000-3,000 ft up. There were no moving or pulsating lights, but the sides of the UFO and a row of tiny white lights. No lights on the back and no lights on the bottom. I became extremely excited and ran inside to tell my friend who then came outside to watch with me for a while. I kept saying "I just saw the holy grail of UFO sightings!" My adrenaline was pumping and I was shaking uncontrollably, but I was not scared. After a while, she went to bed and I decided to continue watching. How could I not? I was so excited! I grabbed a big blanket and a pillow, as well as my high powered mag light flash light and went back outside and lay on the porch. I was still facing south, but I was now looking up towards the zenith of the sky, but with my head elevated from the pillow so I had a clear view of the south facing sky. 

As I was watching, I kept saying "if you can hear me, fly over again! I know I'm not crazy!" And as I was laying there, I noticed the sky directly above me and slightly to the left black out. It was a very large, much larger than the triangle, gray/translucent UFO craft that was flying over my house at approximately 1,000 ft. At first there was absolutely no sound and had no lights, but as the full UFO emerged overhead from over the house, I heard what I can only describe as the sound of a small fire crackling, or a quiet round of applause. 

My heart jumped and I got that tight adrenaline rush feeling in my chest and remembered I had my flashlight. I shined my flashlight up directly at the UFO, but when the light was on it, there was NOTHING to be seen! I turned my light off and could see the shape and outline clearly, then I shine the light back on it and there was nothing! 

I then distinctly remember the birds around the house starting to chirp really loudly and excitedly and my dog, who was sleeping on her blanket on the other side of the porch, lifted her head and started growling. At this point I was completely dumbfounded. I've been an avid sky watcher for almost 10 years and have never ever seen anything like this, let alone multiple ones In the same night. My heart was pounding, my body was shaking, but again, I didn't feel fear, only exhilaration. 

At this point, I knew I needed to get to bed soon, and as a sort of joke, I said out loud, to the sky "if all of these UFO crafts are related and you can hear me, fly over again, but go from west to east." I felt silly, but I've read stories about people claiming to have communicated with ET and conjuring UFOs because they request that they show themselves. 

So anyway, about fifteen or twenty minutes later, I started thinking about bed again, so I said out loud "I'm going to go inside in about 10 minutes because I'm getting cold. If you can fly over one more time from west to east for me, I would appreciate because I feel crazy and I want you to prove that I'm not." 

Not more than a minute later, a Gray Arrowhead shaped UFO craft with no lights flew quickly overhead from west to east, and once again, when I shined my light up at it, I couldn't see anything, but when I turned my light off I could distinctly see the outline and the shadow it was essentially creating by blocking out the ambient light and stars. 

I know that this all sounds crazy, I can't believe it myself! In the ten years I've been doing this, I've always debunked my UFO sightings in one way or another. I try to stay logical and pragmatic. In all the years and with all the UFO sightings, there has only been one other incident that I've felt was report worthy because I couldn't find a good explanation. Last night was the first time I have EVER witnessed anything like what I saw and couldn't wait to write my story out. 

I'm not saying it was aliens. It very well could have been military crafts, or drones, or something else explainable, I just know that I have never ever seen anything like what I saw last night. And the fact that it seemed like they could hear me and did what I asked by flying west to east completely amazed me. mufon cms# 79467

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