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Four Cigar Shaped UFOs over Winston Salem NC

UFOs changing from red to silver-like moving horizontal appearing and disappearing very slow. On October 3, 2019, between 6:55 p.m. and 7:20 p.m., myself and at least 4 other people observed 4 oblong or pod shape or pill shape or cigar shape flying UFOs. The UFO Sighting changed from bright red to silver-like color in the clear, almost cloudless sky above the Fulton YWCA soccer field in Winston-Salem, NC where children were practicing soccer. The UFO Sighting was definitely not airplanes as they were very close and moving too slow and would have fallen from the sky. There were no wings or smoke trails. They were not drones because the UFOs would get larger and then small again. The UFO Sighting seemed to appear out of nowhere. They would randomly disappear in plain sight and reappear from nowhere. One of the UFOs did take off across the same area of the sky very fast and then slow down again. The UFOs all moved horizontally and not vertically, not upward nor downward. Two of the objects seemed to fly within the particular area of the sky and stop (or disappear and then reappear) and then fly back facing the other objects in close proximity of each other. I watched three disappear in the sky and not return to view. The fourth one finally moved beyond the tall tree tops where I could no longer observe it. During the approximate 25 minutes, myself and another observer tried to take pictures or videos of the UFOs with our cell phones to no avail. People other than the 4 of us who observed the flying objects seemed oblivious to the UFOs being there, as if it was commonplace to see such objects. No one else seemed to care. I showed the 4 UFOs to my granddaughter, but she was more interested in a grasshopper she had spotted in the grass.nuforc.org Report your UFO Sighting here

Cigar Shape UFO Sighting Winston Salem NC 9-2019

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