Football Shaped UFO Sighting Reported 4/3/16 Trafalgar Indiana

Texas UFO Sightings June2014

First noticed UFO in southwestern sky at sunset while heading west on SR 252 towards SR 135 in Trafalgar Indiana. The UFO Sighting appeared much brighter than the eight (8) airplanes that could be seen in the sky at the same time. The UFO appeared to be as the size and brightness of Venus, and it appeared to get brighter. It did not have a tail/trail when first seen. As we drove two miles further west to the Dairy Queen parking lot at 1 Trafalgar Square we noticed the UFO had developed two (2) tails/trails coming off of what we could now identify as the source of light/reflection. The UFO was oval shaped like a football traveling sideways. It was now not as bright as before, but the two (2) tails were growing in length and diameter. The tails/trails came off the pointed ends and the body of the UFO would flicker with a silver light. In the same sky there were several airplanes that could easily be seen and were quite different in speed, brightness, height, and tail consistency. The UFO in question was much higher, slower, brighter, and had two very pronounced tails that looked thicker and were not being quickly dispersed by the wind. The sky was clear and there was plenty of light from the setting sun. We observed the UFO until it disappeared in the south western sky about 25 minutes after first being seen. There were four (4) witnesses and a few pictures taken by cellphone (iPhone 4s and iPhone 6). The image above is a similar craft to this UFO Sighting  MUFON CMS #75601 Date of UFO Sighting April 4 2016

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