Floating Egg Shape UFO Sightings over Tucson Arizona 31916

Egg Shape UFO Sightings Tucson Arizona

On Sunday MARCH-13-2016, Between 8 AM and 10 AM, (believe it was after 8 but it's my day off so wasn't really paying attention), went for a run on my neighborhood road which allows for unobstructed Northbound vision and travel (no big trees in line of sight) for about 300 hundred yards. There were no clouds or dust at all in the sky and it was as clear as could be. As I was jogging, straight ahead of me in the sky I sighted a floating Egg shaped UFO. It was white, and you could tell the shape of it easily. It was not shiny and reflected no light, so it was easy to make out the shape and outline and some details of it. It was clear and crisp against the blue sky. There was almost a light shadow or light gray curve centered at the front of it (referring to orientation toward me), being either some insignia or just the profile of the UFO catching the sun from the East. If you cut the object into 4 segments, this mark ")" was centered on the UFO. The UFO was a few hundred yards away from me, and a few hundred yards in the air. I am facing North with the Santa Catalina Mountains behind the object. The UFO was above the Mountain range and was against blue sky. The skies were empty apart from the Egg. The area the Egg was over has some homes scattered through it and it is inhabited, but the higher percentage is desert or more open. It's not the middle of town, it's on the outskirts, close to the base of Mt. Lemmon. 

I had sunglasses on and headphones in and was listening to the radio on my music device. 2 minutes into my run I saw it, stopped, took of my glasses and looked at this UFO, just being perfectly still in the sky. I looked around for a second to make sure I wasn't seeing something and it was still there. I stood there for at least 5 minutes looking at it. I have an accurate time reference as at least 3 songs played on the radio in my earplugs which I still had in during this time. I thought, "ok, better keep running." (Don't get much time to exercise and I'm a fitness nut so it's my priority) I am out of road heading North at this time so I turned East. There are decent sized Mesquite trees close to the road now on the North side of me in between me and the object. I ran about 50 yards and was still curious about the object so I looked for it again once the trees ended. It wasn't there. I kept looking and panning side to side and I had found it was more to the East now. but only by about 50-100 yards. I ran back to my original position of sight to make sure it wasn't just my point of view, and the UFO had actually moved to the East, in the direction I was running. I never saw any movement after about 30 seconds to a minute. So I turned back and kept running. I ran to Tanque Verde Highway and kept heading East, and it was still in the same spot. If there was any slow movement, I couldn't perceive it as I was running while looking at it, but it did seem to stay on the same course with me, now that I think about it. I had moved a long distance East now and the point of vision in reference to my body was still the same. (Didn't have to look back behind me for it). Kept running and didn't think about the Egg for a while. About 10 minutes later I looked for it again and it was much further North now, closer to the mountains, but at the same elevation. maybe about twice as far away from me as it had been before. Still above the mountain range in reference to my vision but because of the extended distance now, I could tell it was the same object, but could not see perfectly crisp outlines of the edges anymore.

Now I saw a plane come into view flying from East to West. The plane was further away than the egg. But you could still make out the "t" shape of the plane. There were light gray or whitish smoke/chem-trails coming off the plane from a single point on the plane. But only for 50 yards behind it (about 5 times longer than the plane's body length at that viewing distance). None of the long "stripes" you see in the sky that hang around forever. The plane was closer to the Santa Catalina Mountains and appeared just above the mountains. I stopped running to watch and see if anything would happen and to get a reference to how close to each other these two objects were. Because of the plane's further distance beyond the Egg, it appeared as the plane passed below the Egg but the plane was still against blue sky. The Egg didn't move, and once the body of the plane was past the Egg to the point where the chem-trails were still about half below the Egg I turned away and kept running East. Total time I stopped and watched this time was about 3 minutes, based on hearing one and a half songs on the radio. I ran for about 5 more minutes before turning back to the direction I came. I looked in the same spot I had seen the Egg and I couldn't see it anymore, or the airplane anywhere in the sky. 

Every time I had seen the object it was perfectly still. Remaining absolutely motionless and remaining in the same spot in the sky with no jet or engine noise. I live by and worked on Davis Monthan Air Force base for a number of years. I have seen and been around the helicopters up close and far away, and I'm even familiar enough to hear the difference between A10, F16 or F35 engine sounds a lot of the time. I can even hear jets pass over the house while I'm inside on many days. I have played sports outside all my life. I hunt. I professionally shoot rifle and pistol competitively, where we have to judge distance for shots and we use a timer to judge our time for competitions. And with that experience, I understand when most people say "I sat there for like 5 minutes", they really mean about 30 seconds to a minute. Saying that, these are my best estimates for time (based off of music played on the radio which averages about 2.5-3 minutes per song) and distance based on mental yardage markers I use in competition and hunting to identify distance. MUFON CMS# 75263 (UFO photo above recreation of the Zamora Socorro UFO incident) 

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