Fear over the Belief of UFO Alien Reality

U.K. Ministers were afraid to condemn UFO Sighting “crackpots” for fear of alienating voters, newly declassified files have revealed. THE SUNDAY TIMES The idea that UFO Sightings might be a real development such currency in the late 1970's that the topic was discussed by the United Nations. That such an outlandish suggestion was being taken seriously generated an angry backlash among British government officials, it has emerged. Civil service correspondence from 1979 which has been placed in the National Archives at Kew  shows there were calls for ministers to launch an unequivocal public attack on “flying saucer claptrap”. However, concerns were raised that such an outspoken stance would offend voters who bought into the idea that extraterrestrials were real." credit S.Agermose

UK Ministers were afraid to condemn UFO Contact

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