Fairport New York UFO Sightings Reported 33016

UFO Sightings reported March 30 2016

Went out for a smoke and looked up because it is a crystal clear tonight, you can see all stars, looking towards the east I saw a wide bright red light, flashing intermittently, thought it was a plane heading west to the airport but it had no sound whatsoever and was flying very smooth and low. Planes pass by apartment complex everyday and I can tell this was no ordinary commercial aircraft, couple of planes actually went by tonight and I heard their engines and descent. This UFO was just pure silent, hovered at a steady speed in the most smooth way I've ever witnessed ever in my life, without the light it must be totally stealth and impossible to see. I took several pictures with my iphone and upon zooming in, an disc shape with an upper center deck can be seen. Whatever it was, it was so silent and smooth it literately freaked me out. I am familiar with planes and their beacons and lights arrangements in fuselage, wings, etc. This UFO had a red light, more like a beam, was far bigger and wider than any commercial airliner and was positioned in the front fascia of the UFO as if it was "scanning" the land area from above. I lost sight of the UFO when it went over my roof. March 30 2016 Fairport New York  MUFON CMS #75512

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