Fairfield CT fireworks ended sighted a white UFO moving very slowly

July 2 2016 10:30-11:00 pm SS Norden Club Bridgeport Connecticut The Fairfield fireworks had ended the crowd was thinning out. The boats had all come back in. It was time for me to go fishing. I live on Long Island Sound. I fish every night from April to January. If it happens in the night sky I see it! Every moon. Every meteor shower. Every fireworks display. I was sitting at my usual spot facing the water. Two friends were standing up facing me with their backs to the water. I looked up to engage one friend in conversation. Over her left shoulder I sighted a rather large slow moving oval shaped UFO. It was illuminated white. It was blurred because it was flying in low cloud cover or possibly smoke hanging in the air from the fireworks. I watched it for about 10 seconds before it faded away into the cloud or smoke. It traveled slow and would have been following the shoreline heading south. As I'm watching this thing I'm going through the Rolodex in my brain sorting through memories and experiences and what I know already. Airplanes and helicopters have clear projected lights as well as red blinking lights. They also create sound. This UFO Sighting was illuminated white and silent. I even thought of someone shining a spotlight into the sky. But the light would reflect off the cloud or smoke. None of that either. I've been here 25 years and no plane or helicopter has ever flown this bearing barring search and rescue. There was no search and rescue that night. I eliminated everything I thought it could be based on my experiences. What I am left with is actually a white walnut shaped slow and low moving UFO over the shoreline of Black Rock Harbor. Has anyone else reported this? MUFON CMS# 77451

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