Extraterrestrial Hyperbole In 1946 Ray Palmer UFO Sightings Space Ships

May 1946, Amazing Stories UFO Sightings reports

In 1946, Ray Palmer was already taking reports of flying "unidentified objects," "UFOs" and taking the leap to interpret UFO Sightings as "Space Ships." May 1946, Amazing Stories: Sgt. Dirk Wylie reports his 1942 UFO Sighting of a "glowing unidentified object," to which editor Ray Palmer replies, "We have other reports of space ships." Also see inside back cover: "The King of the World," an ancient astronaut from Venus who could give us technological gifts to end war on Earth.
https://archive.org/…/Amazing%20Stories%20v20n02%20%281946-…   credit Curt Collins

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