Ellora Caves India Black UFO Sighting Appears in photo

Aurangabad India Black UFO Sighting photo

Me and my friend went to Ellora Caves, which is located in Aurangabad for site seeing. At that point of time I was having my mobile phone model Nokia 6681. I just started clicking the photos of the beautiful caves. I saw a huge UFO kind of object hovering above the cave and it was a bright sunny day and the time was around 1:40 PM GMT 5.30 IST on 26th November 2006. 
I saw the huge UFO hovering in the sky and started clicking the photos of it and after clicking the photo, I have forgot about the photo and almost after 3-4 months my friend called me and told me to check the particular photo numbers and I had observed that there was a huge UFO which appeared at that time and in a 5-10 minutes I have clicked several photos in the same location but the UFO was observed only in one photo. You can also see my friend is in the photo and you can see the UFO without zooming the photo. You can see how massive UFO it was. The UFO vanished from the sky within fraction of milliseconds. If I compare the UFO with the commercial plane or bird it is impossible for them to directly vanish from the sky and they cannot be of that massive big size and shape. mufon cms# 82560

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