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Eleven White Star like UFOs blinking flashing 40+ minutes Vancouver Canada

Vancouver Canada 7/15/18 several UFO Sightings reported

I was sitting on the bleachers at a Powwow In North Vancouver watching the Dancers, I was facing the South East. I saw an eagle flying in the distance across from me, I kept following it with my eyes to see if it was indeed an eagle and it flew almost overhead and as I turned my head I saw behind it in the distance a group of shiny bright UFOs looking like stars.I counted eleven UFOs and they were spread out, and some in between from top to bottom made a sort of curved line. I wondered if they were stars in some kind of constellation but I've never seen such kind of stars in such daylight before.So I kept watching for twenty minutes and I noticed some of them slowly moved around, and others were more stationary. Some UFOs were slightly smaller or dimmer than some, a couple were significantly brighter, and some did not blink, but most did.As I kept watching I saw these UFOseventually after about 25 minutes they came very close together and then very very slowly they moved towards the East. That's when I remembered I had binoculars in my vehicle and I went to look with those they eventually went to far to see or disappeared.There were a number of Aircraft's during the couple hours I was there Helicopters and sea planes because I was beside the Harbor. But the UFO lights may have been too high for them to easily be noticed. There were no clouds in the sky and it would sometimes become difficult to spot them again if I walked around and and tried to spot them in the blue sky.I tried taking photos and video but the sun was shining on my cell phone screen making it difficult to see whether I had the lens aimed at the UFO Sightings. Got a bunch of blank blue sky photos and video with maybe a tiny blip or two but hard to tell. UFO Sighting occurred on 7/15/18 over Vancouver Canada BC.,nuforc.org

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