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Dorothy Izatt First 1974 UFO Sighting Footage

For those who are not well-briefed on her, today marks the anniversary of when mild-mannered Vancouver housewife Dorothy Izatt first had a UFO Sighting of a light that she would later film using a simple 8.mm camera. Her UFO Sighting reports initially led to a light amount of ridicule and dismissal and so she decided that she would have none of that and learned how to use an 8.mm camera to capture what she was seeing. From 1974 to the early 2000's, Dorothy captured over 30,000 feet of inexplicable UFO Sighting footage from her porch and backyard using different 8.mm cameras. She appeared on Unexplained Mysteries and in an amazing 2008 film entitled Capturing the Light which is available for free if you have Amazon Prime. Dorothy was 81 years old at the time Capturing the Light was filmed and her sightings were still ongoing. The UFO Sighting made a deliberate cameo appearance in that film for all of us to see. The most extraordinary element of her UFO Sighting footage is that individual frames will expose rapid movements and associated light trails demonstrating the speed with which these UFOs could operate. They apparently use the light trails to communicate their intelligence by writing her name. As shown in the image, she won over the appreciation and support of credible UFOlogist J. Allen Hyek who cautioned her to avoid the fringe so that she would remain credible and her films might one day be better analyzed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bGe3tRq93D0   credit Thomas Owens.

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