Dorito Shaped UFO Sighted In Front of Small Fixed Wing Aircraft Shropshire 10/6/16

Shrewsbury GB UFO Sighting 10/6/16

Yesterday Oct. 6th 2016 when I was on my horse coming back past Sleap Airfield near Wem Shrewsbury at about 6:10 pm on my way to Grinshill Shrewsbury where I live. 
We had stopped by the airfield to rest for a few minutes when we heard an airplane approaching and when it went over us it climbed and this Black Triangle UFO or drone came up alongside it and then in front of it. The little airplane tried to move out of the way but ended up doing a circle back towards and away from us and this think just stayed in front of it. Now I've seen all manner of helicopters, drone and jets fly in the local area due to RAF Shawbury being in the area, but this thing was weird. I managed to take a photo on my iphone 5 which is below. The little airplane made a sound as normal but the Black Triangle UFO thing seemed to make a high pitched humming sound. Both went around twice and then the UFO triangle shot straight up into cloud and we could not see it anymore. We did however ride past a police car that was parked up about half a mile from the airfield and both police officers were looking up at the sky? 
With what was seen over the Wrekin Hill Telford Shropshire the other day I thought this may help etc. Definitely not a fighter jet or drone because the ones I have looked up on line all have loud engines and don't look like this black triangle UFO thing? mufon cms#79653

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